Born out of a collaboration between a fraternity president and Raven Bennett, the Fraternity Mentorship Program is a sexual violence prevention program for fraternity brothers. This program harnesses the powerful culture of male peer influence in fraternities to create recurrent conversations among fraternity brothers about topics related to sexual violence, in turn positively changing their attitudes about sexual violence.

In the program, older fraternity brothers are trained in how to be mentors to incoming pledges. Mentors are asked to meet with their mentees for at least one hour a week for a semester. Both the mentors and mentees also attend special topic trainings on topics including masculinity, gender and sexuality, consent and allyship, bystander intervention, and alcohol and other drugs.

In a recent study, the Fraternity Mentorship Program made a significant difference in fraternity culture. The program decreased participants’ acceptance of rape myths and, as compared to a control group, the brothers who were part of the mentorship program were more likely to attend the sexual violence prevention trainings and, in turn, more likely to report positive changes in attitudes towards male sexual violence. 


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